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Because of COVID-19, Sabatini of London, fifth-generation European master tailor designer, is making suits from a distance. Mr. Sabatini needs a suit from you shipped to his house; address is listed below. He will send you the best English and Italian fabrics suitable to your profession. Mr. Sabatini will send you the finest quality suit in the world with perfect fit guaranteed. Our price, including fabric and hand-sewn open buttonholes on the sleeves, is $3,600. You can email Mr. Sabatini at Our phone number for free consultations with Mr. Sabatini is 202-710-7639. We serve nationwide.

Sabatini of London Custom Tailor

People used to hear about fashion designers for only kings and queens. Today, you have a great opportunity to have your own designer master tailor suit maker. Sabatini personally will come to your home or office for measurements and fabric selection. He will also check your wardrobe and tell you what is suitable for you and what is not, what fits and what does not, at no extra charge when you place an order for a suit, overcoat, or sports jacket.  We have a great capacity to update your existing wardrobe from recut to simple alterations. Please call Sabatini at (202) 710-7639. 
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Sabatini Showroom

Sabatini maintaining the European Tradition of coming to your home or office for measurements and fabric selection nationwide by appointment. Please be advised that Sabatini will measure you himself.  Sabatini's customer service available nationwide by appointment. Please be advised it is our policy for Sabatini to serve you personally, and no one else represents Sabatini, but Sabatini.

Our Executive Styles

Man and Woman Posing Man in a Light Suit Posing with Woman Man in Light Blue Suit

Man in Gray Suit Man in Dark Suit Man in Off White Suit Posing with Woman

The Sabatini family was the first to establish the executive image of ladies and gentlemen. Sabatini Custom Tailor uses only the finest English and Italian fabric.

The Art of Tailoring at Sabatini family since 1846

Suit Stripes

A custom-made suit used to be the European tradition, and it used to include the Art of Tailoring with 4 open buttons holes made by hand in each sleeve.

Sabatini used to send this beautiful car to serve our customers. Today, Sabatini will come to your home or office, by appointment. Please call 202-710-7639 for your appointment. Or email us at

White Car

Sabatini uses the finest English and Italian fabric, including Mongolian Cashmere.

Fabric Samples

Fabric Card #1 Fabric Card #2 Fabric Card #3 Fabric Card #4

Henry Winkler and Sabatini

"The greatest Sabatini as always."
- Henry Winkler

Custom Tailor

Since 1973, Sabatini has been the premier custom tailor in Washington D.C. for clientele such as prestigious political leaders, including President Reagan and President George W. Bush. Our superior attention to detail and finely handcrafted suits have had a lasting impact on the fashion industry. We draw inspiration and motivation from our passion for and knowledge of tailoring and designing for ladies and gentlemen.

Heritage Foundation Letter

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"Mr. Sabatini's suit is the crown jewel of my wardrobe."
- Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., President of the Heritage Foundation.
For European appointments, please call our Copenhagen office at +45 50 15 81 05.


We will come to your home or office, by appointment, for a $200 minimum order for alterations.



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Sabatini of London Custom Tailor