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Established in USA on 1973

Sabatini maintains the European tradition of coming to your home or office for measurements & fabrics selection by appointment
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Sabatini is highly recommended by the Heritage Foundation since 1985

(202) 277-8227

General T. Michael Moseley

"Sabatini, I miss your quality suits wherever I go."

-Sophia Loren

"My custom-made suits and shirts from Sabatini fit me like a glove. Watch me, I'll be back."

-Muhammad Ali" The Greatest Of All Time

Col. Oliver North

"Sabatini has clothed me, U.S. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and celebrities for over 23 years in D.C. Sabatini will make you the best executive suit offered anywhere."



British Academy Award 2002

Sabatini with Cloth Samples
Sabatini Uses the Finest English and Italian Fabric Where Each Fabric
is Woven Especially for Custom-Tailored Suits.
Includes Mongolian Cashmere and Tasmanian Wools.

president reagan

"Thank you for the Beautiful work you did on the three custom-made suits for the President. I'm very pleased with the fabric selections, especially the brown merino."
-Nancy Reagan

carl mundy

"To Sabatini, is a Master Taylor, great friend and great professional."
-Marine General Carl Mundy


Sabatini and Chuck Hagel

"I wish if Secretary of State Chuck Hagel would become our Secratary of Defense. With his wisdom and experience about foreign policy for many years in the Senate our nation would be respected. God bless you my good friend"

-Izak Sabatini

General T. Michael Moseley

"Sabatini A great friend and best suit maker"

-General T. Michael Moseley

General T. Michael Moseley

"Deepest thanks Mr. Sabatini. You may be the last Real custom tailor. 
You are certainly the finest."
- Captain Joe Lee Frank

With Senator McCain
"Sabitini, a Great Friend of Mine and a Great Master Tailor"

-Senator John McCain

With Senator Liberman

"Sabitini is my friend and great brother to me"

-Senator Liberman

Henry Winkler Muhammad Ali and Sabatini

Shirt Display Unfinished Suit Jacket Couple

Executive Suit Maker for Ladies & Gentlemen Who Understand The Difference That Quality Makes

Royal Manor of Sabatini
4113 Orlean Place, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Made to Measure Suit for Men & Women $1,850 including the finest English and Italian Fabrics.
Custom Hand-Stitched Suit for Men & Women $3,600 including the finest in English and Italian Fabrics.