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Sabatini of London | Executive Suit Maker - Washington, DC
"Established in Washington, DC and Copenhagen 1973"

Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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Some of our great customers and friends including President Reagan, President George W. Bush, The Great Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Great Senator John McCain, and the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali, Magnificent Henry Winkler, to name a few.

Four Men Tailoring
Izak Sabatini, 5th Generation master tailor designer in Washington, DC since 1973.  Some of his customers have been President Reagan, President George W. Bush, former Speaker of the House Jim Wright, Senator John McCain, former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the magnificent actor Henry Winkler, and the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

Custom Made Suit
Superior Quality and Perfect Tit Guaranteed

Tailor Devices

Chest Graphics

The master tailor is supposed to engineer your suit to fit your physique not like a ready-made suit which is cut to fit the mannequins. Sabatini displayed this image to show customers that every physique is different. For example, we all know the President is like Figure F and his ready-made suits will remain open from the front because of his stomach and gathering fabric from the back. You will see the President always trying to close his jacket, No matter how much money you have, if you do not have a hand cut custom-made suit by a designer, your suit will never fit properly.

Only at Sabatini can you find the perfect fit guaranteed. And Sabatini can replace and change any damaged part on your suit and charge only for the damaged part.

The value of the suit you receive from Sabatini in the market is $5,000 or more.  Sabatini’s price used to be $3,600 for a regular size custom-made suit since 2002.  The price now is $3,200 including the finest English and Italian fabrics.  We have closed our showroom and work from our tailor shop in Annandale, VA as it is too costly for you and for us.  This way we save you $400 on each suit because we come to your home or office for measurement, fabric selection and delivery. 

Our Copenhagen showroom remains open.

The Executive style image remaining at Sabatini since 1846.

Dark Suit

Grey Striped Suit

White Suit Black Tie

Tan Suit Blue Tie

Grey Suit

Blue Suit

Custom-made Suits in Washington, DC

Elegance does not depend on luxurious ornamentation and finery but on the perfection of the cut and fit. Sabatini's custom-made suits are individually crafted from the finest English and Italian fabrics, including Mongolian cashmere.

Four custom-made suits in Washington, DC

Sabatini, The Custom Tailor in Washington, DC Inside the Showroom Showroom EJ

Sabatini maintaining the European tradition of coming to your home or office for measurements and fabric selections by appointment

Schedule an appointment for a custom fitting through (202) 710-7639 or via e-mail: 

Sabatini, The Custom Tailor in Washington, DC with a Satisfied Client Overcoat

"Sabatini has clothed US President, Senators, Congressman, and Celebrities for over 23 years in D.C. Sabatini will make you the best executive suits offered anywhere." -Col. Oliver North

Sabatini, the custom tailor in Washington, DC with his suits

The youngest Izak Sabatini with his art of tailoring 


Under the pressure of many of our customers, we are responding and offering alterations for men and women. We will come to your home or office, by appointment, for a $200 minimum order, with free fashion and style consulting.


Your suit will be handcrafted by the finest European master tailor team.

Sabatini of London Executive Suit Maker Est. 1846
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