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Serving Celebrities and Executives

When celebrities, world leaders, and dignitaries look for amazing custom suits in Washington, DC, they come to Sabatini of London. As a top custom tailor in the Washington, DC, area, Sabatini has provided custom creations to a wide array of people, such as Muhammed Ali, President Ronald Reagan, and Genral David Petraeus, as well as many other historical figures. After receiving their completed tailored suits in DC, everyone has the same thing to say – it’s one of the best suits they’ve ever worn.

Unique fabrics, tailored shirts, and suits cut specifically to your specifications – that’s what you get when you purchase one of our custom suits in Washington, DC. As you can see here, Sabatini has experience with a wide array of designs and more. Contact him today to hire him as your custom tailor in Washington, DC. Whether you need a tuxedo or are looking for professional tailored suits in DC, he will be able to provide you with an amazing design.