Sabatini of London
Executive Suit Maker for Ladies and Gentlemen since 1846

Sabatini of London | Executive Suit Maker - Washington, DC
"Established in Washington, DC and Copenhagen 1973"

Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
By Appointment Only: (202) 710-7639 
Or email at

Some of our great customers and friends including President Reagan, President George W. Bush, The Great Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Great Senator John McCain, and the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali, Magnificent Henry Winkler, to name a few.


Sabatini Style 1

Four custom-made suits in Washington, DC

Dark Suit

Grey Striped Suit

White Suit Black Tie

Sabatini Classic 108

Sabatini Classic 109 110

Traditional Trio

Conservative 121 and 122

British 97

British 101

Sabatini Trousers

Trousers Sabatini

Sabatini Tuxedos

Sabatini Coats

Coats Sabatini

Pink Jacket Steps White Suit Lady Steps
Ladies Suits 1 Ladies Suits 2

Sabatini Ladies

Schedule an appointment for a custom fitting through (202) 710-7639 or via e-mail:

Sabatini of London Executive Suit Maker Est. 1846
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