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"I appreciate your art of tailoring"
-Jimmy Carter, President

"Thank you for the Beautiful work you did on the three custom-made suits for the President. I'm very pleased with the fabric selections, especially the brown merino."
-Nancy Reagan

"Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. With your help, we can change our country and put our people first. I hope to meet you one day, the speaker of the house highly recommends your services."
- Bill Clinton, President

"Nothing speaks better about Sabatini than the clothes themselves."
-His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

"This is the best six suits I have ever had in my life"
-His Royal Highness Prince Al-Motaz bin Saud

Mr. Sabatini, thank you for the best ten custom made suits I've ever had. I highly recommend you to my family.
- Prince Saud

"I have the pleasure of attesting to the high professional standards of Sabatini of London... a first class establishment which provides high quality service in a responsible manner..."
-Jaime Daremblum, Ambassador of Costa Rica

"Sabatini is a good friend."
 -Honorable Senator Lieberman

"To Sabatini - My favorite tailor and a great guy. Warm regards."
-Senator Bill Proxmire

"Sabatini makes 'em good and makes 'em fit."
-Jim Wright , The Speaker of the House

"Great job on my suit. Best wishes."
-Congressman Bob Carr of Michigan"

"Sabatini has clothed me, U.S. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and celebrities for over 23 years in D.C. Sabatini will make you the best executive suit offered anywhere."
-Col. Oliver North

"Deepest thanks Mr. Sabatini. You may be the last Real custom tailor. You are certainly the finest."
-Captain Joe Lee Frank
"To Sabatini, a great friend and great professional."
-Marine General Carl Mundy

"My custom-made suits and shirts from Sabatini fit me like a glove. Watch me, I'll be back."
-Muhammad Ali" The Greatest Of All Time

"Bravo, Bravo Sabatini."
-Anthony Quinn

"See you next time, great guy"
-Charles Bronson

Sabatini, make my day"
-Clint Eastwood

Great humanitarian and friend of Sabatini
-Martin Sheen

"The great Sabatini as always"
-Henry Winkler"

"This is how I measure the Greatest Sabatini."
-John Ritter

"Sabatini, I miss your quality wherever I go."
-Sophia Loren

I want to express how pleased I am with the suit and sport coat you made for me. They are distinctly superior to the suits I have bought from upscale dept. stores..."
-Doug Adams, Bank Vice President

"My Sabatini suit is the crown jewel of my wardrobe."
-Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., The Heritage Foundation President

"After years of wear, Sabatini's suits are still a perfect fit. His classic styling is unsurpassed."
-Victor Morales, Voice of America

"I want to thank you for the two beautiful suits you just finished making for me. They are as wonderful as the other suits you have made for me during the past ten years. The fabric is exquisite and the fit, perfection. You are a magician at work with a needle... I have not and will not purchase a custom suit from any (master tailor) other than Sabatini..."
-Sincerely, Richard Schena, International Airline Captain