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Sabatini Of London

Some of our great customers and friends, including President Reagan, President George W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter, the Speaker of the House Jim Wright, the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the Marine General Carl Mundy, the Air Force General T. Michael Moseley, the Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North, Navy Captain Joe Lee Frank, Senator John McCain, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Bob Dole, Congressman Mickey Leland, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, Prince Edward, Prince Almoataz bin Saud, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the Magnificent Actress Sophia Loren, the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali, the Magnificent Actors Anthony Quinn, Henry Winkler, John Ritter, and Charles Bronson, to name a few.

Sabatini™ history and reputation without competition or compromise.
The only 5th Generation Master Tailor Designer in the world. 

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Alterations - Men and Women 
Custom-made suits 
Made-to-measure suits
Custom-made shirts 
Custom-made overcoats
Custom-made trousers and skirts 


We have the full capacity to accommodate all your needs to your wedding, including alterations.

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The Art of Tailoring at Sabatini™ Family Since 1846

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ShowroomSabatini™ maintains the European tradition of coming to your home or office for fitting and fabric selection, by appointment.


Sabatini Measuring Henry Winkler
The greatest Sabatini as always. - Henry Winkler
Sabatini Measuring John Ritter
Sabatini, make me the best custom made suit, but get off my back - John Ritter
Sabatini Measuring the Greatest Muhammad Ali
My custom made suits and shirts from Sabatini fit me like a glove - Muhammad Ali

Due to Covid, we are working from this location: 7118 Murray Lane, Annandale, VA