Sabatini of London
Executive Suit Maker in Washington DC since 1973
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The Art of Tailoring at Sabatini Family Since 1846

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Superior quality and perfect fit guaranteed

Sabatini has been creating custom-made suits for both men and women
for over 45 years in Washington, D.C.
Sabatini of London began on Savile Row in 1846 and was established in Washington, D.C. in 1973.

Order a perfectly fitted suit from a master tailor. We create custom-designed suits for both men and women across the US and in Europe.  You will receive a finely fitted suit designed by Izak Sabatini, 5th Generation Master Tailor Designer, for the executive image for customers who understand what that quality means. 

Elegance does not depend on luxurious ornamentation and finery but on the perfection of the cut and fit. Sabatini's custom-made suits are individually hand-cut and hand-crafted from the finest English and Italian Fabrics, including Mongolian Cashmere. 

A custom-made suit is an investment in yourself and will serve you for many years.  It will give you a wonderful air of sophistication and elegance. 

Izak Sabatini will measure you for the best fit.  Your suit will be hand-cut by a master tailor.   You will be able to see the quality that comes from the craftsmanship from a custom-made suit.