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Sabatini™ Maintaining the European Tradition Of

Coming to Your Home or Office 
 For Measurement and Fabric Selection

By Appointment: 202-710-7639;

Sabatini™ has been creating custom-made suits for men and women in
the Washington Metropolitan area since 1973.

Some of our great customers and friends, including President Reagan, President George W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter, the Speaker of the House Jim Wright, the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the Marine General Carl Mundy, the Air Force General T. Michael Moseley, the Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North, Navy Captain Joe Lee Frank, Senator John McCain, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Bob Dole, Senator Joe Lieberman, Congressman Mickey Leland, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, Prince Edward, Prince Almoataz bin Saud, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the Magnificent Actress Sophia Loren, the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali, the Magnificent Actors Anthony Quinn, Henry Winkler, John Ritter and Charles Bronson, to name a few.

The Executive style image, remaining at Sabatini since 1846.

Four Suits

Dark Suit Grey Striped Suit White Suit Black Tie
Tan Suit Blue Tie Blue Suit Grey Suit


Ronald ReaganDear Sabatini: "Thank you for the beautiful work you did on the three custom-made suits for the president." -Nancy Reagan

Jimmy Carter
“I appreciate your 'art of tailoring' of my suits as well as your friendship. Rosalyn joins me in sending you our warm best wishes."

George Bush
To Sabatini of London, With Best Wishes George Bush

Jim Wright
My great friend Sabatini make 'em good and make 'em fit. -Texas Speaker of the House Jim Wright

President Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter

Senator Joe Lieberman
Eza Sabatini and his great friend and customer, Senator Joe Lieberman

SabatiniThe Great Secretary of Defense
Chuck Hagel

President Carter
Great day! I got a chance to talk for a half hour with President Carter about Camp David and justice in Palastine.

Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain; great hero and customer of Sabatini

Ted Kennedy"With Best Wishes to Sabatini of London and many thanks for your great service to our country."

Captain Joe Lee FrankCaptain Joe Lee Frank, "Deepest thanks, Mr. Sabatini. You may be
the last Real custom tailor. You are certainly the finest."

Marine General Carl Mundy
Marine General Carl Mundy
"To Sabatini, a great friend and a great

Oliver North and Sabatini

Sabatini measuring General Oliver North.

Col. Oliver North

Sabatini and Oliver North"Sabatini has clothed me, U.S. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and celebrities for over 23 years. Sabatini will make you the best executive suit offered anywhere.” – Oliver North

Sabatini and Henry Winkler
Sabatini measuring the magnificent actor, Henry Winkler.

Henry Winkler and Sabatini
“The greatest Sabatini as always.” - Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler
Sabatini measuring the magnificent actor, Henry Winkler.

Sabatini and Henry Winkler
Sabatini between his two friends and magnificent actors, Henry Winkler and John Ritter.

Sabatini And John Ritter“Sabatini, let me show you how to measure your customers if they don’t pay the bill.”

John Ritter And Sabatini“Sabatini, make me the best custom made suit, but get off my back.”

Muhammad Ali and Woman Beside Two Gentlemen in Black and White Suit

After a great wedding and honeymoon, Sabatini took this photo of Muhammad Ali and his wonderful bride Lonnie at National Airport.

Sabatini measuring the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali for over 30 years 

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Black and White photo

Muhammad Ali getting measured

Sabatini With Smoking Joe Frazier And His SonSabatini with Smoking Joe Frazier and his Son.

Sabatini With Sugar Ray LeonardSabatini with his great friend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Sabatini With Michael SphinxSabatini with great boxer Michael Spinks.

Lady Wearing Black Coat

Black and Red Coat
This cape was created for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her 75th birthday.

Correspondence Heritage Foundation

Mr. SabatiniDesigner Sabatini

Buckingham Palace Letter

Two Gentlemen"See you next time - soon."
Charles Bronson

Bill ClintonPresident Bill Clinton

Two Gentlemen TalkingSabatini and Anthony Quinn

Two Gentlemen in White ShirtSabatini and Martin Sheen

Two Gentlemen and A Lady in Green SuitHenry Winkler and John Ritter

People Wearing SuitDr. Patch Adams with his wife, wearing her cashmere overcoat by Sabatini™

Man in Grey Suit

Man Gathering Size to the Woman

Man in a Light Blue Suit

Executive Style by Sabatini™ Transcends Time

Sabatini And Tim Russert

My great special friend, Tim Russert of Meet the Press, wearing Sabatini™ suit.

Muhammad Ali

"My custom made suits and shirts from Sabatini fit me like a glove. Watch me, I'll be back"
- Muhammad Ali

Congressman Mazzoli

Congressman Mazzoli and Sabatini