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Congressman Mickey Leland's And Sabatini's Plan To Help End Hunger In Our World

Help End Hunger


Everyone should be able to go to sleep at night with food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. 

Sabatini™ of London donates 10% of every sale to help those in need.

To Good People who believe in justice and the principle of the Ten Commandments:

God put us on this planet as one family from one man and one woman. There is no reason for the present imbalance of justice whereby some people have more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime, and other people are homeless and cannot find a place to sleep or food to eat. As a religious man and family member believing in the Ten Commandments, I do not believe this was God’s plan.

To Good People who care, please share our efforts and our good deed by sending what you can through PayPal at or send via Western Union.

If you are a customer, 10% of our profit goes to this cause.

Please share the great memory and tradition of this cause. Remembering Congressman Mickey Leland of Houston, Texas, Speaker of the House Jim Wright, actor Martin Sheen, and the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. I am the only one left from that group. Please don’t let me down. And you have my prayers. And above all, God’s blessing here and the day after.

--Eza Sabatini


Congressman Mickey Leland  

Help End Hunger Congressman Mickey Leland

Eza Sabatini and Mickey Leland Working Together to End Hunger

In 1983, U.S. Representatives Benjamin Gilman (R-New York), Mickey Leland (D-Texas) and Tony Hall (D-Ohio) formed the House Select Committee on Hunger to find sustainable solutions to national and international hunger and poverty. Rep. Leland chaired the committee until his death during a famine relief mission to the Horn of Africa in 1989.

Muhammad Ali

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."

Ali and the Pope

Ali and Izak

Ali and Izak with other men

Ali and Sabatini

Ali Donating to Church

Muhammad Ali was a great friend of Mickey Leland and Sabatini and a great supporter of our cause to help end hunger. He played a major role in the fight against world hunger. Ali traveled to numerous soup kitchens and hospitals in many countries to help the hungry. It has been reported, Ali donated over 232 million meals worldwide.

Jim Wright and Eza Sabatini

Jim Wright, Speaker of the House

By great influence from his friend Sabatini, as the excerpt from the NY Times article of January 11, 1987 (Section 1, Page 14), states: “In January 1987, Jim Wright, the Speaker of the House, pledged to rush through Congress a $500 million program to build shelters for the homeless and to seek money for food aid that winter. He also made a pledge for an emergency appropriation for immediate food aid as he toured a dormitory for the homeless run by Mitch Snyder, a Washington advocate for the homeless.” In Jim Wright’s resignation speech, he recalled the effort made to help the homeless. He also noted that there still is a lot of work to do to make housing affordable to low-income Americans so that there won't be any homeless in this country.

Eza Sabatini and Martin Sheen

Eza Sabatini and Martin Sheen Working Together to End Hunger

Marching in Washington, DC for the Homeless “I believe that, when Americans learn the facts and understand how their involvement can make a difference, banishing childhood hunger will be a national, local and personal priority.” -- Martin Sheen Mitch Snyder, an advocate for the homeless, did a deal with Martin Sheen for a TV movie about his efforts in 1984 with a hunger strike to push for repairs to a D.C. homeless shelter prior to the winter. The proceeds from the film were to benefit D.C.’s Community for Creative Non-Violence.

President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan

Faced with a growing homeless crisis, the Reagan administration made a surprising policy decision in 1983. Vacant federal buildings became available to “local governments and charitable organizations” for use as emergency shelters at a “cost basis.”

Eza Sabatini

Eza Sabatini

Eza Sabatini had his place of business on the first floor at 1220 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE in Washington, DC. On the second floor, he chose to help people with humanitarian efforts and teaching the Ten Commandments and psychology. He also helped serve the homeless at DC shelters.

Sabatini, Dr. Patch Adams and a woman Dr. Patch Adams

Dr. Patch Adams

Good friend of Sabatini doing his own good deed for the needy. His dream was free hospitals and free medicine for the needy. You can learn more about him by watching the movie about him – Patch Adams – played by Sabatini’s good friend, Robin Williams. You can also find him on YouTube.

Please donate generously and make it a great investment for you here and the day after.